Information Welcome to FSA at Baylor University! We are dedicated to raising awareness and promoting Filipino heritage and culture on campus. We support fellow cultural organizations, such as Asian Student Association, and actively participate in events and activities at Baylor University as well as Waco!

Currently, the Filipino Student Organization participates yearly in Steppin' Out. Steppin' Out is a program providing service to the greater-Waco community by coordinating massive volunteer service days, once each semester. Free lunch is served after we come back and FSA members can enjoy the rest of the day after all the hard work.

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Wondering about the location? Like the post-it says, we meet every wednesday night at 7:30 pm. We'll be in Claypool Room, in the SUB, on the third floor. If we change the room locations, you'll most likely receive an email about the change. Until then, be ready to meet there!

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